Identify two of the leading countries in today

Identify two of the leading countries in today - exports of...

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Identify two of the leading countries in today"s world economy. What criteria or standards did you use to determine the leading countries? Provide four factors to support your selection of why these two countries are in a leading position. Were these two countries in the same position 200 years ago? 100 years ago? 50 years ago? What accounts for the consistency or change of economic status through two centuries? Two of the leading countries in the world economy today are, America and Japan. I know these aren’t the top two but I wanted to talk about these because everyone else is talking about America and China. The standard that I used to determine these was just taking a look at the population of both, and looking at the
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Unformatted text preview: exports of each. Four factors to support my claim that these are two of the leading countries are 1.) The technology… 2.) The exports ( like cars, fashion, computers ect.) 3.) The population of both. 4.) The amount of money both of these countries have. 200 years ago neither one of these countries were on top. 100 years ago America was starting to show rise in the economy. 50 years ago America was in one of the top positions in the economy. The reason America started being one of the leading countries 50 years ago was because of WW2. Eourpe was on top but when they had an economic fall, America was able to do major exporting which jacked the economy up. ....
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