Week5.Dating.Exercise.Solution - (MAIN TABLE W100 Sally...

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Data Modeling Dating Club In the data club, one man can date one or more women and one woman can data one or more  men. 
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MEN DATA TABLE (MAIN TABLE) M100 John Reynolds 10 Main St. LA, CA 90848 818 345 5959 M101 Bob Brigman 1034 Oak St. LA, CA 91208 310 456 4444 M 102 George Carlin 200 High St. LA, CA 90020 310 347 4824 WOMEN DATA TABLE
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Unformatted text preview: (MAIN TABLE) W100 Sally Thomas 44 Windfall Dr. LA, CA 91208 818 349 4567 W101 Mary Wilson 1000 3 rd St. LA, CA 90002 818 456 3444 W102 Debbie Heart 567 Main St. LA, CA 92443 310 589 7012 DATING TABLE DATA (Associative table) M101W102 M102W102 M101W100 M100W100 M100W101 Okay. From looking at the data above, can you tell me who has dated who?...
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Week5.Dating.Exercise.Solution - (MAIN TABLE W100 Sally...

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