Case Study ECS Milestone4 PartII Explanation

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Milestone 4 Part II Explanation Below are the attributes for all the tables to the Part I solution. Your job is to identify which attributes belong to which entities. Remember that you must specify in your tables when creating them, each entity’s primary key. When you link two tables, Visio will create the foreign key automatically for you in the child table. Be sure to review the ERD tutorial before you begin. Remember that foreign keys go always in the child table (Crows feet side). Attributes: EquipRepairCost, EmployeeID, DateOrdered, EmployeeLastName, CheckOutID,
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Unformatted text preview: DateCheckedOut, PurchaseRequestDate, PurchaseRequestReason, ExpectRtnDate, EquipName,BuildingName, PurchaseOrderNum, EquipVendor, EquipDamage, QtyOrdered, PurchaseRequestEquipID,DateReceived, CostPerUnit, EquipID, EquipSerialNum, EquipAisle, ClassID, ClassDescription, EquipRepairID, EquipRepairDate, EmployeeFirstName, PurchaseRequestID, CheckOutID, EquipmentTypeID, EquipmentTypeDescription, QtyCheckedOut, DateCheckedIn, EmployeeOfficePhone, Bin, BuildingID...
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