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CheckPoint: Full-Sentence Outline I. Main point 1 -Gun Control is the regulation of sale and ownership of firearms. A. Subpoint 1 -Controling gun ownership will help with death totals. 1. Supporting example 1 -Fewer guns equals fewer deaths. 2. Supporting example 2 -Less firearms means lower gang numbers. B. Subpoint 2 1. Supporting example 1 -Being able to trace where a gun is from will help solve crimes. 2. Supporting example 2 -People will be less inclined to do crime if they know their gun is registered. II. Main point 2 -The right to bear arms is under the 2nd Amendment. A. Subpoint 1 -No one is above the law, so technically they can't take away that right . 1. Supporting example 1 -Unless you are a convicted felon, you should have the right to bear arms. 2. Supporting example 2 -Many people own guns without a concealed weapons permit. B. Subpoint 2
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CheckPoint-Full Sentance Outline - CheckPoint:...

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