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CheckPoint: Jails The Purpose of jails and prisons is to detain criminals. We have these jails and prisons because it keeps the rest of society safe from bad examples, and from criminals who could and most likely would harm them. Another purpose for jails is to rehabilitate an individual who has "messed up", and has a chance of being put back into society as a normal hard working citizen. I think that the question "is the current system effective?" is a matter of opinion. For example, yes I think that individuals that are locked up keeps everyone else safe, and made crime levels drop down, but the levels of repeat offences are
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Unformatted text preview: very high, meaning the "rehabilitation" did not work. I think that later down the road in the future, if we were able to truly tell if an individual was able to be "rehabilitated", then we wouldn't be wasting our time on other criminals who aren't going to learn from their mistakes. This way we, the society as a whole, would not be having our money wasted on those criminals who aren't going to do anything better with their lives. Maybe the money that was going to be used on them could go to building something beyond a jail and prison. Something for the people that wont ever be getting out....
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