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colaberation activirt-cali - could say you are less likely...

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Check Point: Causation of Crime Collaboration Activity- California My chosen crime trend (murder) relates to this new geographical area (California) in a very negative way (not that murder is a good thing). For an example, the rate of murder in California in the 1960's was 616, while in Nevada it was 25. Murder rates in California are through the rough so to speak, and didn't get any better through out the years. Between the two Geographical areas (Nevada, and California) the crime trend murder has a great difference. The highest rate of murder for California was 4,096 in the year of 1993. While in Nevada, the highest rate of murder was 224, and it was in the year of 2006. So as you can see, comparing California to Nevada, Nevada has the “better” crime rate for murder so to speak. I guess you
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Unformatted text preview: could say you are less likely to be murdered in Nevada. I feel that the causes for the crime trend murder in either geographical ares, even just in the United States are because of people not having respect for the law, or each other. Another possible reason for commuting crime is because of weakness. Some people are simply to weak to resist their “demons”, and turn to crime. With the research I have conducted, this crime trend in the United States is a problem, granted the highest rate of crime was back in 1991, with 24,700 murders, and now days the rate of murder is 16,272 which is still way too high. I received these numbers form the web site http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/uscrime.htm....
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