Check Point-Terorism and Cyber Crime

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Check Point: Terrorism and Cyber Crime The affect terrorism and cyber crimes have on interpreting the Fourth Amendment depends on how it's interpreted because government can state that the security of the state overrides the individuals' own rights, they relate that in order to protect the country, so they have to be able to perform these searches. Warrants aren't used when it comes to terrorists because they “take too long”, because terrorists are always on the move. But, not everyone is allowed to override the rights of certain people, our security guards for example aren't able to search anyone for weapons because of a “feeling” they have. There must be probable cause. An example of this would be September 11 2001, United Airlines 767 (Flight 175); World Trade Center, New York. This Airplane was hijacked, and flown into the World Trade Center. This
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Unformatted text preview: may or may not have been able to be avoided if security could do searches and seizures without probable cause. I do not feel anything about the September 11 attack was justified. The same goes for cyber crimes. This is because terrorists are now doing a lot of there terrorist acts through the internet. This is because they have more of a chance of living though their “attack”. An example of this would be terrorists threatening a bank. The terrorists hack into the banks system, leave an encrypted message for senior directors, which threatens the bank. Long story short, the message says that if they don't pay a certain amount of money, then the terrorists will use anything from electromagnetic pulses to logic bombs and high-emission radio frequency guns to destroy the banks files. Which would cause a major problem for the bank. ....
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