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Check Point: Law Enforcement Agencies The three law enforcement agencies that I feel are the most important are your local Police, sheriff, and state department. Then the FBI, and then Customs and Border Protection. I believe your local police, sheriff, and state department are of importance because they are right there so to speak for you. If you are in trouble, scared for your life, or are witnessing a crime being committed you call 911, which automatically dispatches the police force. They are the first ones on the scene 90% of the time, and really help to keep your community safe. The FBI is very important because they are involved with the investigations of federal crimes, kidnappings, serial killers, bombings and many other areas of great importance. They
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Unformatted text preview: work close with forensic scientists in order to close a case by figuring out the crime. Custom and Border Protection is important because they are the ones who work at the boarders to keep illegal people out, and work with immigration. They also work to prevent terrorism, they inspect cargo and passengers if they feel they are suspicious, and also check people randomly at airports to try and keep everyone safer. I feel that these agencies are more effective now days then they were in previous eras. This is because we now have better weapons, better intelligences, better forensic devices, and better training for officers of the law. ....
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