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Check Point-Causation of Crime The two theories on the causation of crime I am going to compare and contrast are Choice Theories, and Social Process Theories. The choice theory is the theory that says that the only persons behavior that we can control is our own. This means no behavior is caused by any situation or person outside the individual. With choice behavior an individual always represents the choice to do what they believe is most satisfying to their need at the time, whether its as simple as answering the phone, eating something, or committing crime. Within the Social Process theory, there are three different classes which include social learning theory, social control theory, and social reaction theory. The social control theory says an individual has the ability to commit a crime, but they fear what society (family, friends) might think of them after doing their crime. The social reaction theory says that criminal behavior and attitudes are created by negative social interactions. The social learning theory says that the process of learning defiant
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Unformatted text preview: behavior and the process of learning conventional behavior is the exact same process, criminals and regular members of society are not raised to be completely good or bad. You “learn” to be bad later when you adopt a certain social group. What both of these two theories seem to have in common to me is choice. To me really only one who can choose to commit a crime is yourself, whether you are with a group of people, and they are pressuring you or not, its your choice to go on with the crime. A crime trend mentioned was murder. The relationship this crime has to the Choice Theory is that only you can choice to murder someone. Whether you have malice towards someone, or if it simply benefits or not, all in all its your choice to take their life. This crime trend (murder) in relation to my specific geographical area isn't too high. According to the Nevada Crime Rates 1960-2008, murder has the lowest offense.
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