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Incorporating Feedback - attention to what information was...

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Incorporating Feedback The feedback that I had received from my instructor was that I needed to use more in-text citations to prove where I get my facts from, so my paper didn't seem like an opinion paper. I did not receive any feedback from my peers. The feedback I received from the Center of Writing Excellence was about my grammar, and what needed to be changed. I got very good feedback. I will be able to incorporate the feedback that I received into my paper is by really paying
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Unformatted text preview: attention to what information was sent back to me. I will look at all the aspects of my feedback and find where I messed up in my essay, and then change my wording, and add in what needed to be added in (in-text citations). This feedback improved my entire essay by far! It now is a college level expository essay, and not an opinion paper. The only feedback I chose not to incorporate was the feedback from any peers, because I didnt receive any feedback....
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