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com150_appendix_c - Make what you see in your mind become...

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Axia College Material Appendix C Brainstorming Techniques Click on any text and begin typing your ideas over the existing text. Submit this completed appendix as an attachment. COM 150 Main Idea Tattoos Supporting point Culture/ background Supporting point Meaning Supporting point Creativity Supporting point Process Supporting point Artists Detail _Religious beliefs Detail Tribal beliefs Detail Occupation Detail Life Detail Memorials Detail Aspect of your life Detail Show who you are Detail
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Unformatted text preview: Make what you see in your mind become real Detail How it's done Detail Where it's done COM 150 No I am not able to narrow my topic to a single spoke, or header of a spoke, there is too much information to be known about this topic. Mind mapping helps prepare me for my essay because i am able to get the outline of what I want to talk about, and explain to people. Once you have your outline, you can give all your information....
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