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Expository Essay Topic: Tattoos My topic for expository essays is going to be on tattoos. I plan to explain and narrow my topic for my readers be explaining the tattooing process, and why people get tattoos. Here are my ideas. Some reasons people get tattoos, is to simply fit in, then again some tattoos are done for a sign of beauty, or empowerment. But others get tattoos because in tribal societies, it's done ritually. Tattoos can also be a way of standing out from society. Some people choose to get tattooed to remember someone. I have 12 tattoos so far, they are glowers, and Chinese symbols
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Unformatted text preview: going down my spine, it reads courage, loyal, faithful, and inner strength. All of it means something deep to me. The process you go through to get a tattoo would be to first pick your tattoo, and where you want to get it. Then you need to figure out which tattoo studio is going to be best for you. Once all that is figured out, you get your tattoo done. The area of skin you wanted tattooed is cleaned, and then shaved if needed, then an outline of your tattoo is placed on your skin, then your artist begins their magic....
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