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Check Point-The writing process - process because I don't...

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Check Point: The Writing Process The writing process I read about in this class differs from process I have used in the past by using the pre-writing, I never did pre-writing in school, because we always started out with a rough draft. We also never used revising, we just went straight to editing, I suppose that was our revising and editing in one. The step in the writing process that is easiest for me to complete would be the rough draft, because I get all my ideas down, from beginning to end. The step that's hardest for me to complete in the writing process would be the editing
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Unformatted text preview: process, because I don't always catch my mistakes, and sometimes I think what I am writing makes sense to me, and not to others, or it's not proper writing techniques. I really need to work on that, but this new writing process will help me allot. Also I can submit my papers to the center of writing excellence, and have them tell me what it is I need to correct, until I am able to find my mistakes on my own. I will most likely still submit my papers there as double checker to make sure I am still doing things right....
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