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Argument Evaluation 1)One argument from the article would be on how more deaths were caused by automobile accidents every month, then there were deaths in the 9/11 attack (the premises). The conclusion is how there are more automobile deaths, and how you are more likely to be killed by your neighbors car than a terrorist attack. The premises do sufficiently support the conclusion because it is clearly stated what the death toll was for the 9/11 attack, and automobile attacks. This is a deductive argument, because this argument is an argument in which the conclusion is taken to follow from the premises. The premises are true.
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Unformatted text preview: 2)Another argument I found was how airlines were "randomly" searching elderly ladies bags to see if they were terrorist (the premises). The conclusion was "more effective as a way of annoying elderly ladies than of stopping terrorism". The premises do support the conclusion because searching elderly ladies bags rather than focusing on better ways to better security, is just going to make them angry. This is an inductively strong argument, because it's an argument in which the truth of the premises would make the truth of the conclusion probable, but not definite. The premises are true....
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