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Abstract: The goal of this essay is to show the relationship between coefficient of restitution and temperature of the material. The use of a simple ball and its bounce can find the coefficient of restitution and may not be as so simple as first thought. The coefficient is derived from three simple equations the conservation of momentum, gravitational potential energy and the kinetic energy equations, but with the sources of error the mathematics may still be askew. An experiment will test this relationship by bouncing a lacrosse ball at various temperatures to indicate a correlation between the return height of the bounce of the ball and the temperature. Though the experiment had sources of error, like the oscillation, from the imperfections in the experiments, and the loss of accurate temperature or of height, it provided enough data to show a
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Unformatted text preview: relationship and support it. The use of others data could also help shows the connection between the coefficient of restitution and temperature. As the data shows as the temperature increase the coefficient of restitution increases until a certain critical point. This critical would be the high point of the ball’s return bounce height. Now technology has been increasing then the uses and manipulations of specific coefficients of restitution could improve products, materials, and even produce. With the addition of machines that include the input of the raw material then could allow for the best production. With the new technology and the need for the improving of the individual’s life the implementation of the effects of the coefficient of restitution then the future will be a little brighter....
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