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Ethan Martinez 2/15/10 A2 Compare and contrast the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and Augusto Pinochet? D. Analysis After being reduced to a poor, demilitarized, and small country due to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany needs a powerful leader to build their once great country to become a super power again. Adolf Hitler was the man to turn Germany from its previously weakened state to a strong world power. Hitler did promise the people that when he obtained power the country would be the greatest country in the world. The German people were desperate for any sign of a better situation would give up their rights to benefit from the changes that Hitler promised. Chile and its socialism under Allende were not supported by the United States which wanted to contain any spread of socialism. This was very important that no other governments would allow for a socialist leader to come to power so the United States must become involved. The United States had a plan for a coup to over throw the government which would take Allende out of power. These situations are very different, in Germany the people want this dictator to make their country strong and in Chile the people actually elected the Allende but the United
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Ethan Martinez2 - EthanMartinez 2/15/10 A2

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