quotes bnw - Frame 6 Quotation Bank 1. "He liked...

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Frame 6 Quotation Bank 1. "He liked Bernard; he was grateful to him for being the only man of his acquaintance with whom he could talk about the subjects he felt to be important." The quote is Helmholtz's thoughts of Bernard on page 99. I feel that I can relate to this because I have two people that I can talk to about anything. One of these people is brother who looks up to me. I have some things that I cannot tell him because that may let him down. There are not many topics that I do not talk with him about. The other person is my cousin who is old than me, so I can ask him about alot of things. These two people for me are just one for Helmholtz, Bernard. 2. "In a panic, he scrambled to his feet and ran into the other room, vaulted through the open window, and hurrying along the path between the tall agaves was in time to recieve Bernard Marx as he climbed out of the helicopter." The quote is John's actions as he fears that he will be caught doing something wierd on page 145. I have felt this way many times. I used to do this when I was a little kid trying not to get caught or trying to hide something I did wrong. One time I broke ornament and I put in under the tree. My mom told me that it is better to just tell her because it would just be wrong. This shows that John is very childish in his actions. He may jsut be representing the savage in the future though. 3. ".
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quotes bnw - Frame 6 Quotation Bank 1. "He liked...

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