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Arab palestine - E than Martinez 4/18/10 A2 Questia Article...

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Ethan Martinez 4/18/10 A2 Questia Article summaries Lessons of the Six Day War Ariel Cohen is an American who does not pose much bias but does support Israel. Cohen does not believe that the end of the war has come but the Israeli still needs to impose a strict force against not only the Arabs but the Iranian also. There are many extremist that do not Israel to be its own country. Before it was a conventional war but now there are many different attacks to install fear in the people but we cannot let this get to us or they will be the victors. Now the Middle East can become a giant source of these extremists where they do not want to occupy the state but just hurt it. They need to send a message like they did in the six day war to show them that they mean business. The Six-Day War teaches us important lessons in freedom. National mobilization and unity in recognition of existential threats lead to victory. Bravery and real leadership, both national and on the battlefield, secure success. Never underestimate the enemy. Intelligence matters - and so does public diplomacy and global information support. Finally, we learn that both political and military institutions must recognize the nature of the
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Arab palestine - E than Martinez 4/18/10 A2 Questia Article...

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