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samplemidterm 1. Marketers involved in supply chain management are constantly balancing the: A. goal of promotional effectiveness against ethical advertising standards. B. problem of price maximization against cost efficiency. C. goal of minimizing costs against satisfying the service levels customers expect. D. desire to achieve against the need for a stable source of supply. E. goal of efficiency against the goal of profit minimization. 2. The importance of supply chain management is often overlooked because: A. it is considered boring. B. pricing strategy is more fun. C. companies do not want organization members to understand the problems involved. D. many of the activities take place behind the scenes. E. All of these. 3. Local television advertising often includes ads for car dealerships using local celebrities trying to create a sense of excitement and urgency among consumers. These ads are attempting to achieve the promotional goal of _____________ potential buyers. A. informing B. persuading C. reminding D. All of these E. None of these 4. The evolution of marketing progressed along the continuum: A. sales, marketing, value-based marketing, production. B. marketing, value-based marketing, production, sales. C. value-based marketing, production, sales, marketing. D. production, sales, marketing, value-based marketing. E. sales, value-based marketing, marketing, production.
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primary goal should be to produce efficiently. Garrett Brothers operates as if it were in the __________________ era. A. production B. sales C. marketing D. value-based marketing E. All of these 6. Henry Ford's statement, "Customers can have any color they want so long as it's black," typified the ____________ era of marketing. A. production B. sales C. marketing D. value-based marketing E. All of these 7. When identifying and evaluating opportunities, STP refers to: A. simplification, teaching, and professing. B. strategic, target, and preferences. C. segmentation, targeting, and positioning. D. situation, teamwork, and planning. E. sustainable, temporary, and positions. 8. A ___________ is a group of products that consumers may use together or perceive as similar in some way. A. SBU B. STP C. product line D. market segment E. promotional service 9. When firms successfully implement poor strategies or poorly implement good strategies, it can make it difficult to: A. generate cost-based pricing performance ratios. B. evaluate performance and make adjustments. C. increase product excellence while reducing customer excellence. D. engage in strategic phasing analysis. E. offer assistance to needy organizations.
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samplemidtermADM2320 - samplemidterm 1. Marketers involved...

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