ADM1301A Group Project (Nortel, auto bailout)

ADM1301A Group Project (Nortel, auto bailout) - Social...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Context of Business ADM1301 Fall 2009 Section A Professor: Tim Ragan GROUP ASSIGNMENT Government Market Involvement Nortel & the Canadian Automotive Industry GUIDING NOTES AND QUESTIONS FOR STUDENTS The following instructions must be followed accurately or grades will be reduced accordingly. The context for this group assignment is found in the articles posted on doc-depot. Students are expected to conduct additional research to increase their knowledge of the issue at hand and best respond to the questions outlined below. This group assignment is graded using letter grades assigned to each section, specific question, as well as a letter grade that is assigned to the overall quality of the presentation representative of grammar, spelling, use of footnotes, bibliography, clarity, concise labelling of questions, length, etc. Each section, including the section on the quality of the overall presentation, carries equal weight and the overall assignment grade is based generally on the overall average of the letter grades, at the discretion of the marker . Required: To complete this case, you must prepare the following (failure to complete this case exactly as prescribed below will result in a grading penalty): 1. A cover sheet that reflects: The case title Your name, student number Your professors name Your teaching assistants name The statement: Completed in partial fulfillment of the course Social Context of Business, ADM301A Fall 2009 The following signed statement An assignment submitted without this signed statement will not be graded and awarded a zero, 2. An executive summary not exceeding one page, single-spaced ; followed by, 3. Situational Analysis & Opinion -- A reasonably detailed description of the 2009 Canadian Government (Federal and Ontario) bailout of the automotive industry, and the current bankruptcy proceedings of Nortel Inc. Develop a compare and contrast review of the differing government response (bailout vs. no-action) to contrast review of the differing government response (bailout vs....
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ADM1301A Group Project (Nortel, auto bailout) - Social...

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