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Unformatted text preview: At the top Peggy Cunningham: Breaking the monster mould The director of Dalhousie's MBA program is building a new kind of business school based on responsible leadership Gordon Pitts March 16, 2009 08:33 AM EDT Business schools stand guilty as charged for creating the mess we're in, Peggy Cunningham says. That's a pretty common sentiment these days, but it carries particular weight because Dr. Cunningham is the new director of the School of Business Administration at Dalhousie University. A pioneering academic in corporate social responsibility, she recently left Queen's University for the chance, she says, to build a new kind of business school around the core concept of responsible leadership. Are we seeing the end of capitalism as we know it?We certainly have to reassess capitalism and reassess markets, and some of the things we want to do at Dalhousie touches on those things. If there was ever a time for change, that time is now because we can see the burning platform and what the traditional models have created. It may not be whereis now because we can see the burning platform and what the traditional models have created....
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