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StudyGuide 3 - Movies I Historical Questions A Why...

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Movies I. Historical Questions 1. very early milk making: 1895-1915 a. by 1915, early strategies established that are still used today b. Urban media i. difference w/film is that it wasn’t home based—you had to go to it; tied to a physical space. You place the space where a lot of people have access to them—big cities (1895: NYC) c. Visual Media i. in NY- melting pot of immigrants that couldn’t speak English d. working class medium i. appealed to working class, unlike magazines that appealed to the elite class e. Exhibition i. back then, movie theaters were called “nickelodeons” ii. theatres were for plays (elite class) iii. theaters advertised themselves as “high class” b/c of low class stigma i. similar to radio—technology based ii. camera, film, projection, photography, still shots… iii. early companies that controlled film were the technology companies iv. Edison: key company, b/c he owned a lot of camera patents v. Kodak, Biograph, Vitagraph aa. Motion Picture Patents Company, who tried to have an iron hand in film making. You had to pay them money. g. MPPC Rules (limited image of what film could be) i. lots of shot, 10 min “one reelers” ii. keep actors’ salaries low—don’t publicize the actors, no credits, no close-ups h. a lot of 2 nd generation immigrants want to get into film business to make it better, but are frustrated by MPPC rues. 2 nd i. close to Mexican border (to run from MPPC) ii. a lot of light to shoot outside iii. diverse land types a. cultivating a middle class audience i. rename Nickelodeons theaters iii. make movies seem respectable iv. change the movies: make them 2 hours long, not 10 mins (people would know what the movie was about); actors became well known & their publicity was worth it b/c people would be v. star system: people go to see that actor vi. Famous Players (paramount) a. Director Taylor was shot to death b. Wallace reed (like Tom Hanks) died of an OD c. Fatty Arbuckle (like Adam Sandler) who got involved in a sex/murder ring & is arrest and he was extremely innocent of everything d. Jazz Journalism: sensationalized news a. all studios contributed to forming this
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b. designed to say to federal government that government doesn’t need to police studios b/c studios will police themselves c. PR move, cleaned up images of films d. lobby government for policies favorable to the film industry
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StudyGuide 3 - Movies I Historical Questions A Why...

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