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STUDY QUESTIONS DESIGN MIDTERM DESIGN PROCESS Explain the importance of design to industrial competitiveness. The design process is a continual interplay between what designers want to achieve and how they decide to do this. Distinguish design and analysis activities in engineering. Define functional requirements, design parameters, and constraints. Explain the difference between functions, solutions, and constraints, and given a list of costumer needs, be able to identify which are functions, solutions, and constraints. Functional Requirements: Minimum set of requirements that completely characterize the design objectives for a specific need. Design Parameters: Physical elements that satisfy FRs, Begin with nouns, Shouldn’t exceed FRs in number Constraints: They are the bounds on a solution that make it acceptable to its customers and the company designing it. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY List strategies for intellectual property protection. Invention - Patents Logo,Mark - Trademarks Physical expression of ideas - Copyrights Marketplace and existing technology knowledge - trade secrets and non competes CUSTOMER NEEDS Collect data from customers. Identify the stakeholders for a product and explain good questions to ask customers for information about a specific product. (Who are your stakeholders, and what questions would you ask to identify customer needs for documenting surgical procedures and tools?). Explain the concept of lead users and latent needs. Customers: (end users [customers], and lead users) Lead users: -They face the needs that will be general in the market place, but face them months or years later before marketplace encounters it. -They are positioned to benefit significantly by obtaining a solution to those needs
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