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Zygote Morula Blastocyst Trophoblast inner cell mass Syncytial trophoblast Cellular trophoblast Hypoblast Epiblast epiblast proper amnion (amniotic cavity) endoderm mesoderm ectoderm lining of the yolk sac Extraembryonic mesoderm (extraembryonic coelom, later chorionic cavity) Chorion Decidua basalis Placenta Extraembryonic sacs is one of the is one of the Allantois contributes to the stalk umbilical cord contributes to the connects to gut wall and glands (see notes) head somitomeres trunk somites intermediate
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Unformatted text preview: mesoderm lateral plate mesoderm non-neural ectoderm neural tube neural crest Head dermatome myotome reproductive and excretory parietal visceral walls of peritoneal cavity limb bones contributes to pharyngeal arches trunk peripheral nervous system brain spinal cord contributes to pharyngeal arches Neural plate Mesodermal derivatives (see notes) sclerotome syndetome Ectodermal derivatives (see notes)...
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