CIS370.A1 - CIS*3700(Winter 2007 Assignment One Instructor...

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CIS*3700 (Winter 2007) Assignment One Instructor: F. Song Due Time : Paper-and-pencil questions due on Feb. 1, right after the class and the implementation questions due on Feb. 4, by midnight . Part I: Paper-and-Pencil Questions (30 marks) 1. Artificial intelligence is the basis for a wide range of applications. For each of the following two examples, develop a PEAS description for the task environment and further characterize the environment in terms of the six properties discussed in the lectures. (a) Robot soccer player. (b) Automated language translator that translates what you say in one language to another foreign language. 2. The missionaries and cannibals problem is usually stated as follows. Three missionaries and three cannibals are on one side of the river, along with a boat that can hold one or two people. Find a way to get everyone to the other side of the river, without ever leaving a group of missionaries outnumbered by the cannibals at any side. Formulate this problem in terms of state space representation and draw a diagram for the complete state space. Is it a good idea to check for repeated states for this problem? Part II: Implementation Questions (70 marks) 3. Implement the breadth-first search strategy and test it on the missionaries and cannibals problem. The top level pseudo-code for “TREE-SEARCH” is given in the lecture notes for “3-Uninformed Search”. Note that in the pseudo-code, INSERT-ALL is a generic function that adds new successor nodes to the fringe. For the breadth-first search, the fringe is maintained as a queue and all the new successor nodes are added at the end of the fringe. Also note that some functions are general and related to the tree search process, such as INSERT, INSERT- ALL, REMOVE-FRONT, and EXPAND, while others are specific and related to
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CIS370.A1 - CIS*3700(Winter 2007 Assignment One Instructor...

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