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UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE (EVENING PROGRAMME) BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE SEMESTER – FIRST SEMESTER 2010 COURSE BSCS-507 – OPERATIONS RESEARCH – I ASSIGNMENT VI SUBMISSION DUE DATE : 17TH APRIL 2010 Q. As we have studied the topic of Simplex Method during the class session held on 12 th April 2010, although the topic has not been covered completely, however, we are, at least, in the position to be able to solve a number of selected linear programming problems (if not all of them) using the algorithm described as the Simplex Method. Now, your task in this assignment is to select a simple problem of your own choice (that may be the one that you have solved while learning the graphical method for solving the linear programming problems, or a problem from the textbook of the course or some other reference choice, whatsoever), such that the objective function is to Maximise, and the constraints are of the type “less than or equal to” ( ), and all the decision variables are
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