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CS121 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Winter 2004 Homework #1 (Search Problems) Out: 1/14/03 — Due: 1/21/03 How to complete this HW: First copy this file; then insert your answers in the file immediately below each question; finally email the completed file to cs121- [email protected] before 1/21 at midnight. When you e-mail your homework, your subject line should be your leland username and then the homework you are submitting (e.g. "mykel: hw1"). If you must resubmit, make this clear in the subject line (e.g. "mykel: hw1 RESUBMIT"). Note on Honor Code: You must NOT look at previously published solutions of any of these problems in preparing your answers. You may discuss these problems with other students in the class (in fact, you are encouraged to do so) and/or look into other documents (books, web sites), with the exception of published solutions, without taking any written or electronic notes. If you have discussed any of the problems with other students, indicate their name(s) here: ………………………………………………………………………………………… …… Any intentional transgression of these rules will be considered an honor code violation. General information: In the following, whenever an explanation is required (“Why?”), there will not be full-credit without an explanation. Keep explanations short and to the point. Excessive verbosity will be penalized. If you have any doubt on how to interpret a question, either tell us in advance, so that we can help you understand the question, or tell us how you understand it in your returned solution. Grading: Problem# Max. grade Your grade I 5 II 5 III 5 IV 5 V 5 VI 5
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Total 10 I. (5 points) Express the following problem as a search state problem: “You have to color the various regions of a planar map (for example, the map of the 48 contiguous states of the United States) using only four colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green), in such a way that no two adjacent regions have the same color.” Give the general description of a state, the initial state, the goal test, and the successor function. For the successor function it is not necessary that you write every possible “state b state” combination, but you should make it clear how one would
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sol1(2) - CS121 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence...

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