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ITSY 1300 Information Security Spring 2010 – Rio Grande Class Times: Saturdays 9 am – 12:30 pm Professor: Ronald L. Mendell Phone: 512-692-1074 Office Hours: Saturdays 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Adjunct Faculty Offices Email: Web site: Description The course provides instruction in security for network hardware, software, and data including physical security, backup procedures, and protection from viruses. And, the course covers applying these concepts to the theme of “Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age.” Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course. Class Structure Class time will contain lectures, demonstrations, class discussions, and labs. Exams Two exams will be given, a midterm and a final. Exams must be taken on the scheduled date. If you miss an exam you will receive a grade of zero for that exam, unless prior arrangements have been made to take the comprehensive final, or there was a compelling, verifiable personal emergency that prevented your attendance and giving prior notice. There are no “make-up exams,” rather the student will be permitted, if approved by the instructor, to take a comprehensive final exam in lieu of the missing exam. Lab Exercises Labs exercises in class will a part of the course. The instructor will brief the class on lab exercises at appropriate times during the course. Some lab exercises may be assigned as homework depending upon the needs of the class. Grade Policy: Grades will be based both on concepts and practical applications. Exams = 80% Classroom Participation = 20% Grade Scale: A = 90 - 100 B = 80 - 89
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C = 70 - 79 D = 60 - 69 F = below 60 Required texts Principles of Computer Security: Security+ and Beyond Wm. Arthur Conking, Gregory B. White, et al (McGraw Hill, 2005) ISBN: 0-07-225509-9 Recommended but not required texts : Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and Countermeasures Joel McNamara (Wiley, 2003) ISBN: 0-7645-3710-5
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