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Homework 2 - information and formulate ideas through...

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Homework 2 Stephanie Leath October 7, 2009 The way information is processed in the mind is very complex and can be difficult to understand. This experiment is set to test the theory of feature analysis, how features are discriminated between, in the mind, and how accurate the mind is in determining similarity or differences in letter features. The results of this experiment should offer an explanation to the brain’s ability to take information and discriminate between two letters that are the same and two letters that are different from each other. It is important to understand how the mind functions in order to understand how people interpret
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Unformatted text preview: information and formulate ideas through language. Starting with the very basics of understanding, with letters, is the most important way to interpret the larger functions of the mind, such as reading and comprehension. I propose that the reaction time of a participant will be slower for letters that are similar in features, but different letters, but much faster for the letters that are distinctly different from each other, and that the results of this experiment will support the pandemonium theory and reinforce the basic ideas of the feature analysis theory....
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