Homework 9 - Proposal Introduction

Homework 9 - Proposal Introduction - Stephanie Leath...

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Stephanie Leath December 2, 2009 Homework 9 Introduction The way physical movement is perceived by the brain is significantly complicated and interesting to understand. Perceptual-motor coordination is a term used to describe the how the brain interprets where the parts of the body are in space and its ability to detect their movement. Visual distortions, or alteration to the way a person sees, are used to help understand how the mind can adapt to compensate and adjust to realign hand-eye coordination. A person’s brain is able to interpret that there is a misalignment of the body to the expected spatial orientation during a visual distortion, and correct for this change, allowing the brain and body to once again be where the brain expects it to be. Changing the way light is reflected onto the eye, by using prisms, can induce visual distortions. A prism is a lens that refracts light, usually made of glass, and causes light to bend at different angles. When prisms are used in vision, they bend light that enters the eye from an image in space, shifting where the light falls on the retina in the eye, causing an image to be seen at different position than where it actually is. Prisms can be used to alter how an image is seen, by bending light directionally, so that when using prisms, the images can be skewed left, right, up, or down, depending on the direction of that prism. Prism goggles are used in experiments to induce visual distortions, and allow researchers to test the adaptability of the mind. The experimenters will usually test subjects without the prism goggles, then test them with the prism
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Homework 9 - Proposal Introduction - Stephanie Leath...

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