Kd – Distribution Coefficient

Kd – Distribution Coefficient - Kd...

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Kd – Distribution Coefficient Name : Stephanie Leath Date of Experiment: 10-7-2008, 10-14-08 TA’s Name: Gayan Senavirathne Lab Section: 012 Lab Partner’s Name: Eno Latifi Single Extraction was performed by: Stephanie Leath Fill in the blanks from data of the single extraction . 1. Grams of benzoic acid in 70.0 mL of 0.020 M solution of benzoic acid in water: 0.070L x 0.020mol x 122.12g = 0.171g 1L 1mol 2. Mass of dry 125-mL Erlenmeyer flask: 122.758g 3. Mass of Erlenmeyer flask and benzoic acid after extraction and evaporation of the organic solvent: 122.895g 4. Grams of benzoic acid extracted into the organic layer (3 minus 2): 895. g - 122.758g = 0.137g 5. Grams of benzoic acid remaining in the aqueous layer (1 minus 4): 0.171g – 0.137g = 0.034g 0.137g 0.030L 4.57g/L Kd = = = 9.40 0.034g 0.486 g/L
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0.070L Multiple Extraction was performed by: Eno Latifi Fill in the blanks from data of the multiple extraction. 6.
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Kd – Distribution Coefficient - Kd...

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