Physics Lab 2 - Name Stephanie Leath Lab Partner Andrew...

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Stephanie Leath Lab Partner: Andrew Kumar Section: 016 Date: 2/3/2009 @ 1930 Title: Equipotential Lines and Lines of Force Purpose : The purpose of this lab is to give a general knowledge of the laws governing the flow of current through extended conductors. Current sheets are thin, conducting sheets in which electrical current passes through, throughout the conductor. This will give a visual representation of the flow of current by testing the magnitude of the equipotential with a voltmeter in order to establish a path of potential differences throughout the current sheet. Procedure : 1. Measure the equipotential lines for five different shapes on 5 different current sheets. a. They are measured by attaching the conducting paper with the desired shape on it to a cork board. b. Connect a red banana cabe to the V- Ω socket of the DMM and a black Cable to the COM socket. c. Connect an alligator clip to the other end of the red (+) banana cable d. Set the function dial to 20 DCV. e. Connect the black (-) lead from the DMM to the (-) lead to the wall power strip. The red (+) lead is connected to the probe (pin in a wooden dowel). f. Map out the equipotential lines in 1-volt increments and poke holes along the line of the magnitude, until it is clear what the equipotential line looks like. Computations
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Physics Lab 2 - Name Stephanie Leath Lab Partner Andrew...

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