The Photoelectric Effect

The Photoelectric Effect - Stephanie Leath March 31, 2009 @...

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Stephanie Leath March 31, 2009 @ 1930 Lab Partner: Whitney Section: 016 The Photoelectric Effect: Particles of Light Purpose : To determine the ratio of Planck’s constant to the fundamental electronic charge, h/e, by observing the quantum nature of electromagnetic radiation. Procedure : I. The Photoelectric Effect – Focus the light from the source onto the slit in the fluorescent mask, tilt the shield of the detector apparatus out of the way, revealing the white, fluorescent phototube mask; slide the lens back and forth to get a sharp image and secure the lens/grating with the thumbscrew. Rotate the apparatus on its base so that the same wavelength of light falls on the fluorescent masks of the slit in the phototube. Return to original position and connect the DMM to the correct output terminals of the h/e apparatus a. Stopping potential versus the frequency of the light : Adjust the apparatus so that only one color from the brightest first-order spectrum falls on the slit, and for each spectral line, measure the stopping potential with the DMM; be sure to press the zero and to use appropriate filters. Convert the wavelength to frequency and plot the V stop vs. f . Use the graph to find Planck’s constant, assuming e = 1.602 x 10 -19 c, and compare the experimental value of h with the accepted value by calculating percent difference. b. Stopping potential vs. the intensity of the light : Mount the variable transmission filter on the fluorescent mask of the apparatus. For each filter, repeat the above procedure that was performed for the stopping potential vs. frequency of the light. Comment on your data, whether it supports or not, the quantum nature of light.
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The Photoelectric Effect - Stephanie Leath March 31, 2009 @...

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