English 101 #1 - Vuong 1 Kim Dung Vuong English 101...

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Vuong 1 Kim Dung Vuong English 101 Professor Jimenez Fernando 09/25/2009 Advertisement Analyzing Looking around in the media these days, one can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the advertising out there. Advertising in America constantly bombards Americans from every angle with very catchy and interesting slogans, tempting images and guarantees of immediate satisfaction. The campaigns are as diverse as the products they attempt to sell. An advertisements main function is to present a product in a way that persuades potential customers to buy it. Depending on the intended audience, advertisers carefully create their campaigns to accommodate the changing climate of popular culture. Many different tactics are employed to reach this goal by creating a lot of hidden signs and their true meaning in the advertisement. The very common meaning in every advertisement is based on cultural myths, which are traditional systems of beliefs. In the Energie’s advertisement which is chosen to be analyzed below, female and male are different to the traditional ones, the cultural myth is mostly based on gender myth. In this advertisement, we are mainly focusing on the man in the beige coat and the
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English 101 #1 - Vuong 1 Kim Dung Vuong English 101...

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