Sp Bio 201 Exam 1A

Sp Bio 201 Exam 1A - Bio 201 Exam 1 Choose the most correct...

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Exam 1 February 24, 2010 Page 1 Choose the most correct answer to each question. 1) Supernatural agents cannot be used in scientific inquiry because they a) cannot be measured b) cannot be experimentally manipulated c) cannot be spoken to d) A & B only e) none of the above 2) Radioisotope dating a) is fun if it's with the right guy or girl b) is a type of relative dating c) uses locations of strata for dating d) is a type of absolute dating e) uses exclusively hydrogen 3) Which organism was mentioned in class as an example of gradual change in the fossil record? a) bacteria b) trilobites c) cicadas d) rice e) Drosophila 4) The Stanley-Miller experiment demonstrated that a) life-forms can be produced from simple molecules b) cells can be synthesized abiotically c) organic monomers can be synthesized abiotically d) the evolution of RNA must have preceded the evolution of DNA e) viruses are related to bacteria 5) Fill in the blanks: Cyanobacteria are ________ and use ________ as their energy source. a) photoautotrophs; carbon dioxide b) photoheterotrophs; light c) photoautotrophs; light d) photoheterotrophs; carbon dioxide e) chemoheterotrophs; organic compounds 6) Early photosynthetic prokaryotes were crucial to later life on earth because they ultimately a) Decreased marine oxygen concentrations b) Increased atmospheric oxygen concentrations c) Reduced iron in the earth's crust d) Increased atmospheric nitrogen concentrations e) All of the above 7) Of the following pairs, which are the most closely related to each other? a) Bacteria and Archaea b) Bacteria and Eukarya c) Archaea and Eukarya d) Eukarya and Cyanobacteria e) Cyanobacteria and Brown Algae 8) Which of the following statements about prokaryotes is false/? a) Few prokaryotes are pathogenic b) Prokaryotes have evolved several mechanisms of locomotion c) Prokaryotes are classified as a single domain d) Some prokaryotes live in extreme environments e) Prokaryotes are the most numerous organisms on Earth
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Sp Bio 201 Exam 1A - Bio 201 Exam 1 Choose the most correct...

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