2006 Exam03 - CHE 132S06Ex3 Multiple Choice Identify the...

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CHE 132S06Ex3 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which combination of solutions is the best choice for making a buffer solution? A) equal volumes of 1 M acetic acid and 0.005 M sodium acetate B) equal volumes of 0.5 M nitric acid and 0.5 M sodium hydroxide C) equal volumes of 0.1 M formic acid and 0.1 M sodium formate D) equal volumes of 0.1 M sulfuric acid and 0.001 M sodium sulfate E) equal volumes of 0.05 M hydrochloric acid and 0.075 ammonium chloride 2. Which acid, in combination with its conjugate base, would be the best choice to make a buffer of pH = 4.20? A) acetic acid (K a = 1.8 10 -5 ) B) benzoic acid (K a = 6.3 10 -5 ) C) formic acid (K a = 1.8 10 -4 ) D) hydrofluoric (K a = 7.2 10 -4 ) E) nitrous acid (K a = 4.5 10 -4 ) 3. Which statement about the titration of 0.10 M HNO 3 with 0.10 M KOH is not correct? A) At the equivalence point the pH decreases sharply. B) The pH at the equivalence point is 7.00. C) The initial pH is 1.00. D) The endpoint depends upon the indicator that is used. E) The net ionic equation is H 3 O + + OH - 2H 2 O. 4. The pH of unpolluted rainwater is approximately A) 7.8, because of carbonate/bicarbonate buffering. B) 7.0, because it is neither acidic or basic. C) 6.3, because of dissolved ozone. D) 5.6, because it contains carbonic acid. E) 5.3, because it contains sulfurous acid. 5. A mixture of two metal ions in solution is to be separated by selective precipitation. As the concentration of the precipitating ion is increased, which metal ion precipitates first? A) The one with the lower value of K
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2006 Exam03 - CHE 132S06Ex3 Multiple Choice Identify the...

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