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The poem “I Should Not Cheat in School” is a tremendous work that incorporates the need for students to be more honest with the temptations that exist in today’s society. Written by Eliza Domuch, this poem will soon become part of the canon of necessary literature. Within this work, much like any great work of literature, readers find truths about life, and lessons that will carry them through their school careers. Avoiding the pitfalls of procrastination is pointed out as a major deterrent to plagiarism.
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Unformatted text preview: I waited until the night before my paper was due, (line 2) certainly points to the problem that procrastination has for students. Unfortunately, the procrastination often leads them to internet sources that undermine the honesty and integrity of education. I wasnt hurting anyone, (15) also points to the common, and popular thinking that claiming someone elses work as your own is not heinous....
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