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CS446: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Fall 2009 Problem Set 7 Handed Out: December 3, 2009 Due: December 8, 2009 Feel free to talk to other members of the class in doing the homework. I am more concerned that you learn how to solve the problem than that you demonstrate that you solved it entirely on your own. You should, however, write down your solution yourself. Please try to keep the solution brief and clear. Feel free to send me email or come to ask questions regarding this handout or conceptual issues. Please, no hard copy solutions. The homework is due at 4:00 pm on the due date. Email your write-up to the TA. Please put < userid > CS446 hw7 submission” as the subject line of the email when you submit your homework
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Unformatted text preview: to mchang21@uiuc.edu . 1. [Tree Dependent Distributions] Assume an undirected tree T obtained by the algorithm described in class for learning tree dependent distributions. We would like to show that the step of directing the tree by choosing an arbitrary node is okay. (a) State exactly what is meant by the statement the two directed trees obtained from T are the same . (b) Show that no matter which node in T is chosen as a root for the direction stage, the resulting directed trees are all the same (based on your deFnition above). 1...
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