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CS548 – Spring 2010 Review questions: Broadband Access High-speed PSTN access technologies What are the principles of operation for xDSLs? What are the characteristics of symmetrical DSL technologies? What are the differences between HDSL, SDSL, and HDSL2? What are the characteristics of asymmetrical DSL technologies? What is different between ADSL, DSL.Lite, RADSL, and VDSL? How does the DMT modulation method work? Cable modems What are the principles, architectures, operation, and bandwidth utilization for CATV and HFC? What are the functions of the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) and the Cable Modem (CM)? What are the principles of the DOCSIS specification: configuration and
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Unformatted text preview: management, time synchronization, MAC protocol, ranging, and data exchange? IEEE802.16 (WiMax) What are the 802.16 standards? What are the basic principles of the physical and MAC layers in 802.16? What is the current status? Broadband access over power lines (BPL) What are the basic principles, architecture, and elements of the BPL systems? Broadband cellular Internet access What are the technologies, standards, and status for cellular Internet (data) access? Note: These questions are designed to help you study the corresponding material and prepare for exams. You are not expected to submit this assignment....
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