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CS548 – Spring 2010 Review questions: High-speed LANs Wired LANs How are the CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA MAC methods different? Briefly compare them. Compare bridges and routers identifying advantages and disadvantages for each. What are the characteristics and the network components for FDDI? What is the principle of operation for the Fast Ethernet 100Base-TX, 100Base- FX, and 100Base-T4/2? What is the principle of operation and what are typical configurations for the switched fast Ethernet? What are the additional functionalities introduced with the full-duplex Ethernet and the auto-negotiation for Ethernet? What is the principle of operation for Gigabit Ethernet? What technologies does it use? How does it maintain the distance between stations the same as the one for
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Unformatted text preview: Fast Ethernet? Virtual LANs • What are the characteristics of the vLANs? What are the vLANs types? • What are the principles of operation for IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs? What is the MAC protocol? Wireless LANs: 802.11 (WiFi) • What are the 802.11 standards? How are they different? What configurations do they support? • What MAC protocols are used in 802.11? How do they work? Wireless Personal Networks (WPNs): Bluetooth • What are the principles of operation and technologies used by Bluetooth? • What other standards are being formulated for WPNs, other than Bluetooth? Note: These review questions are designed to help you study the corresponding material and prepare for exams. You are not expected to submit this assignment....
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