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CS487 Spring 2006 Final Exam Student Name: NITABEN GHELANI Student #: 10415878 Team Name: The Visionaries Q1 10 Points) Briefly Describe White Box testing Techniques. White box testing is used in computer programming, software engineering and software testing to check that the outputs of a program, given certain inputs, conform to the internal design and implementation of the program. “White box testing is a test case design method that uses the control structure of the procedural design to derive test cases.” Using white box testing methods, the software engineer can derive test cases that It guarantee that all independent paths within a module have been exercised at least one It exercises all logical decisions on their true and false sides. It executes all loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds. It exercises internal data structure to ensure their validity. White box techniques 1. Basic path testing , proposed by Tom McCabe., enables the test case designer to derive a logical complexity measure of a procedural design and use this measure as guide to defining a basis set of execution paths. It ensure that every statement execute in the program at least one time during testing. Flow graph notation – It is a simple notation for the representation of control flow, called flow graph. The flow graph is Cyclomatic complexity – It provides a quantitative measure of the logic complexity of program. It defines the numbers of independent paths in the basic of set of program and provides us with an upper bound for the number of tests that must be conducted to ensure that all statements have been executed once. Deriving test cases – This method can be applied to a procedural design or to source code. We present basic path testing as a series of steps. Graph matrices – The procedure for deriving the flow graph and even determining a set of basis paths is amenable to mechanization. A graph matrix is a square matrix whose size is equal to the number of nodes on the flow graph. Each row and column corresponds to an identified node and matrix entries correspond to connections between nodes. 2. Control structure testing Condition testing – It is test case design method that exercises the logical condition containing in programming module. A simple condition is boolean variable or relational expression. The conditional testing method focuses on testing each condition of program to ensure that it does not contain errors. Data flow testing – Data flow testing select test data according to locations of definitions and uses variable in program. Loop testing – Loops is testing technique that focuses exclusively on the validity of loop construct. Four different classes of loops can be defined. Simple loop, concatenate loop, nested loop and unstructured loop.
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Q2 10 Points) Describe Product, Project and Process Metrics for Software and examine the role they play in software quality. Product, project and processes are key elements of software quality.
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CS487_Spring_2006_Final_Exam - CS487 Spring 2006 Final Exam...

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