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Cs487_Spring2010_MidtermExamAnswers - CS487 Spring 2009...

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CS487 Spring 2009 Student Name: Student ID: Student Email: Student Section: Q1 – 30 Points) Circle the correct answer. 1) Software is a set of items or objects that form a “configuration” that includes: A. programs B. documents C. data D. all of the above 2) Which question no longer concerns the modern software engineer? A) Why does computer hardware cost so much? B) Why does software take a long time to finish? C) Why does it cost so much to develop a piece of software? D) Why can't software errors be removed from products prior to delivery? 3) Today the increased power of the personal computer has brought about an abandonment of the practice of team development of software. A) True B) False 4) Software is a product and can be manufactured using the same technologies used for other engineering artifacts. A) True B) False 5) Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers? 6) Software engineering umbrella activities are only applied during the initial phases of software development projects. A) True B) False 7) Which of these are the 5 generic software engineering framework activities?
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