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  ELENTRIX   ExpressCarting HOMEWORK-2 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Project Summery Our objective is to establish an online marketplace in which Users can register and order 'products' within the mall in different departments descriptions via a web interface, similar to how eBay works for sellers. The main mall portion of the site will serve as the marketplace where we simply host vendors stores and process any payments or orders. However, we will also have a sections/ Departments for Different kinds Electronic Products. For these items, we would process all aspects of the transactions with help and support. Other requirements include the following 1. Individual sub domains for Different denomination of products i.e. in departments. 2. Ability to handle large numbers of products and Customers. 3. Company is paid by customers directly in their departments, instead of having payments going directly to the Administrator (the mall owner). For example, each payment would be sent directly to the applicable vendor's PayPal account or processed through their own gateway in the department, Manager of each department maintains all these transactions. 6. A vendor feedback rating system. 7. Integration with several major payment processors (PayPal). 8. A messaging system through which buyers and Company can communicate with each other directly. 9. Ability to create a variety of store sub departments where each employee maintains that details from which customers can easily find their desired product.
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