history midterm - Essay 3 Between 1877 and 1940 the federal...

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Essay # 3 Between 1877 and 1940 the federal government expanded its activities in many different ways. At the beginning of the industrialization era we see that one of the causes for federal government to expand has to do with the technological advances that the United States went threw. Of the many technological advancement that the U.S. had one that changed the U.S. drastically was that of transportation. With the introduction of the transcontinental railroad, areas of the United States that would take weeks to reach could be reached within a couple of days. The railroad system also helped expand activities by allowing product to move from the west to east. With the construction of the railroad, many jobs were offered to help construct the railroads, which helped those individuals who were unemployed make an earning. The railroads also helped the United States expand itself from the East to the West giving economical benefits to he western states like California, which thrived on gold, and coal mines. The Migration to the West and emergence of big businesses is another way how the Federal Government expanded its activities; with the railroad system providing easier and fast transportation, many American were drown to states like California where many people discovered gold. This sparked many overnight towns to develop. These towns then developed organized businesses that focused not only on the mining of gold but also minerals like coal and cooper. As factories changed from waterwheels to steam burning engine, the demand for coal increased fueling the western economy. With many mining site being controlled by large companies, big business began to emerge. As these companies grew larger more workers were needed. Mass production increased profoundly changing the nature of work for industrial laborers. Giant corporations had the power to control production, people and politics. Last another way the federal government expanded its activities was through the Progressive Era. During the Progressive Era many movements were made as well as social, economical, political and moral reforms. Workers benefited from the Progressive Era by receiving a minimum wage restriction better working conditions for workers especially women and children. With better working conditions the progressive era also restricted child labor and improved factory regulation. It also gave the public a more direct control of the government through election of senators. The progressive era also allowed women’s suffrage. With the
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history midterm - Essay 3 Between 1877 and 1940 the federal...

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