Summary-response engl sept 26

Summary-response engl sept 26 - Momin 1 Sadiq Momin...

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Momin 1 Sadiq Momin English-1303 Kent Brown September 26, 2008 Patriotism Brings Life to a Nation From the beginning of our childhood, concepts of patriotism have been filled in our minds. Reciting the pledge and honoring our flag is a daily routine that each child goes through throughout their lifetime. But can being a patriot cause us to believe that we are the elite of the human race? In the article “Patriotism as Pathology”, Tim Wise believes that concept that Americans believe that they are in a group of elites compared to people of other nations is caused by patriotism. His article provides a number of examples that give evidence to his concept. Wise states that America’s attack on Afghanistan is taking the lives of innocent civilians and destroying their buildings and land just as the terrorists did to us. Most Americans do not see what is happening in Kabul where buildings are being turned into a pile of scraps just as our Trade Center. Wise states, “They hate us for the same reason we hate them”(par.6). This causes our nation more problems in the fact that it can result in future attacks on our nations caused by the bloodshed of innocent civilians in Afghanistan. Another point Wise makes about patriotism is that in America we consider patriotism to be good and we should consider that patriotism elsewhere to be good as well (par.14). This means if patriotism is said to be “a reflexive defense of one’s nation then people like Bin Laden who defends his nation from Americans can be
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Summary-response engl sept 26 - Momin 1 Sadiq Momin...

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