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First Responder Term Paper - Term Paper Fracture Fractures...

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Term Paper Fracture Fractures happen when the bone cannot withstand outside forces . In recent headlines from the Boston Herald “announced today that first line center for the Boston Bruins, Marc Savard has been placed on long-term injured reserve with a broken bone on the top of his left foot . Savard is expected to miss 4-6 weeks with the injury.” A broken bone is generally known as in medical terms as a fracture . Fractures are common and the average person today has two during a lifetime . Fractures account for 5 to 6 percent of all sports injuries . The bones in the arms and legs are more common to be broken. Fractures to the spine or skull hardly ever happen sports . The risk of a fracture depends on where it occurs and the age of the person . Broken bones are common for children to receive, however child fracture are less complicated and can usually heal on their own . For older people whose bones are weaker, it is more likely to receive a fracture from falls that a younger person can usually take on . Each year, about 3.2 million children between the ages of five and 14 are hurt playing some type of athletic activity, and make up of 40% of all sports injuries . Statistics show that about 20% of children who play sports will get, and about 25% of them are listed as serious . Why do broken bones hurt? On reason that broken bones hurt is because of the nerve endings that surround the bone . They contain pain fibers that make these fibers become irritated when the bone is broken or bruised . Another reason is that broken bones bleed, and the blood and linked swelling causes pain in that area . Finally, the muscles 1
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that surround the injured area may go into spasm when they try to hold the broken bone fragments in place . A fracture is identified when there is a defect around the area that is injured . The description of a fracture is based on where in the bone the break has happened, how the bones wreckage is lined up, and if any problems exist . The first step in telling a fracture is to determine if it is open or closed . If the skin over the break is broken through, then an open fracture exists . What this means is that if the bone itself causes the skin to tear open. This can cause an infection to the open fracture exits and requires intense cleaning during
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First Responder Term Paper - Term Paper Fracture Fractures...

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