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KEY TERMS: CHAPTERS 12 – 16 (Sadava Text CH 9-11) eukaryotic cell prokaryotic cell nucleus DNA genome replication chromatin chromosome chromatid centromere sister chromatids non-sister chromatids homologous chromosomes ploidy haploid diploid asexual reproduction fission clone daughter cells sexual reproduction human life cycle gametes gametogenesis fertilization zygote karyotype autosomes sex chromosomes somatic cell sex cell cell cycle interphase, G1,G0, S, G2 cyclin, cdk, cyclin-cdk complex growth factor mitosis M phase prophase prometaphase metaphase anaphase telophase cytokinesis centrosome centriole mitotic spindle microtubule kinetochore metaphase plate equatorial plate cohesin meiosis I, II & phases tetrad crossing-over chiasmata synapse independent assortment random fertilization aneuploidies non-disjunction growth factor density-dependent inhibition anchorage dependence inheritance heritable, heredity variation character trait gene allele locus dominant recessive homozygous
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CH-12-16-Key-Terms_36711 - KEY TERMS: CHAPTERS 12 16...

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