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Unformatted text preview: Answers to Lecture Questions from 2‐8‐10 & 2‐10‐10 Lecture (Question numbers below match those in the VNET document, “1362 CH 12‐16 Questions to be covered during lecture”) 24. Which sequence is complimentary to the following DNA sequence? 5’ – A A G T A C – 3’ a. 5’ – A A G T A C – 3’ b. 5’ – T T C A T G – 3’ c. 5’ – G T A C T T ‐3’ Answer: “C” 25. Properly draw leading & lagging strands in the diagram below. a. Which quadrant(s) (A, B, C, D): • • If DNA analysis shows an organism’s DNA contains 20% cytosine, what percentage of adenine nucleotides will its DNA have? A. 20% B. 30% C. 40% D. 60% Answer: “B” (30%) 20% C = 20% G, so total G+C = 40%, must be 60% A+T, thus A & T each are 30%. initially contains Okazaki fragments? B & C initiates synthesis from an RNA primer? A, B, C, D ...
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