Assignment #5 - Biol 119 - General Biology October 28, 2009...

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Biol 119 - General Biology October 28, 2009 Homework Assignment #5 Due: Wednesday November 4 th 1:00 pm Quiz: Tuesday November 3 rd 8:00 pm to Wednesday November 4 th 11:30 am 1. You are viewing a previously unidentified alga under the high power of a microscope. How might you assign it to one of the clades containing algae. What characteristics would you use. Green algae are very similar to land plants and are divided into chlorophytes and charophytes. Simple  ones are unicellular organisms, and resemble gametes, and exist as plankton or inhabit damp soil.  Chlorophytes include a formation of colonies of individual cells and in filamentous forms that contribute to  stringy masses. Formation of true multicellular bodies by division and differentitation and the repeated  division of nuclei with no cytoplasmic division also occurs. Mostly reproduce by biflagellated gametes.  The Rhodophyta or red algae are multi cellular and have cell walls of that are constructed of cellulose and  polysaccharides, such as agar and carrageenin. These algae lack flagella, and they store energy as a  specialized polysaccharides known as floridean starch. They do not have a flagellated stage in their life  cycle.  2. Most scientists will agree that the protist group is a mess. Some scientists believe that theses organisms should be placed within the multicellular eukaryotic Kingdoms (Plants, Fungi, and Animals). Do you think that this
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Assignment #5 - Biol 119 - General Biology October 28, 2009...

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