LIKELY Totty Five Technologies that Could Change Everything-OUTLINE

LIKELY Totty Five Technologies that Could Change Everything-OUTLINE

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Totty, Five Technologies that Could Change Everything, WSJ, Oct. 2009. “Five Technologies That Could Change Everything.” I. Spaced based solar power a. place giant solar panels (photovoltaic cells) in orbit around the Earth b. converted to electricity and then changed into microwaves, which are then beamed back to earth II. Advanced car batteries a. Lithium-ion batteries, expensive and still don't go far on a charge b. alternative, lithium-air, promises 10 times the performance of lithium-ion i. pulls oxygen from the air for its charge
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Unformatted text preview: III. Utility storage a. compress air in underground chambers b. Similarly, giant batteries can absorb wind energy for later use IV. CO2 capture (from coal fired plants) a. burns coal and purified oxygen in the form of a metal oxide, rather than air V. Next-gen Biofuels a. Made from non-fuel crops b. turn lumber and crop wastes, garbage and inedible perennials like switchgrass into competitively priced fuels c. most promising next-generation biofuel comes from algae. Algae grow fast...
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